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Events in the United States:

June 8, 2023
7th American Drymix Mortar Conference admmc7, Richmond, VA  (English)
This event unites drymix mortar experts from throughout Northern America at the historic "Capital of the South". The Technical Chairman is Prof. Dr. Johann Plank of Technische Universität München (TUM) (postponed twice since 2020, sorry).
Category: event

October 27 - 29, 2004
ICE Chicago
International Coatings Exhibition, very important US fair for coatings and adhesives (website no longer available, we link to main site).
Category: past-event

November 30 - December 3, 2004
Pools and Spa Expo, Las Vegas, NV  (English)
National specialist fair for all facets of the pool, spa, hot tub and backyard living industries (old site no longer available).
Category: past-event

January 13 - 16, 2005
International Builder's Show, Orlando, Florida  (English)
Important american trade fair for construction materials and technologies. Also featuring tecHOMExpo, a fair focussing onto residential construction and remodelling.
Category: past-event

January 18 - 21, 2005
World of Concrete, Las Vegas  (English)
Annual building and construction fair for the US and middle-american markets.
Category: past-event

January 26 - 28, 2005
Surfaces 2005, Las Vegas  (English)
Traditionally one of the largest exhibitions for the building industry in the US, focus on tiles, floors, interiors. most major players in for drymix products are present.
Category: past-event

March 15 - 19, 2005
Conexpo-Con/Agg, Las Vegas, USA  (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)
International show for the construction and construction materials industries, showcasing the latest equipment, services and technologies.Links to 2014 site.
Category: past-event

May 3, 2005
Laticrete Event during Coverings, Orlando, FL  (English)
Laticrete is inviting friends to tapas and drinks at Café Tu Tu Tango, 8625 International Drive, starts 5 pm, please register with your contact at Laticrete.
Category: past-event

May 3 - 6, 2005
Coverings 2005, Orlando, Florida  (English)
Tile, stone and flooring exposition.
Category: past-event

May 9 - 11, 2005
International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference/Exhibition, Rosemont, Illinois, USA  (English)
Annual fair on bulk and powder handling, leading fair for this industry in the US.
Category: past-event

November 1 - 3, 2005
Pool and Spa Expo 2005, Orlando, FL  (English)
Exhibition focussing on sanitary ware, pools and spas.
Category: past-event

November 8 - 10, 2005
Design-Build Expo 2005, Las Vegas, NV  (English)
Exhibition focussed on professional construction for designer homes and offices, also includes Design-Build Conference 2005.
Category: past-event

January 17 - 20, 2006
World of Concrete 2006, Las Vegas  (English)
International annual show for building materials and construction technologies as well as equipment.
Category: past-event

February 1 - 3, 2006
Surfaces 2006, Las Vegas  (English)
Annual exhibition on construction materials (website no longer available, we link to suraceds 2007)
Category: past-event

June 8 - 10, 2006
American Institute of Architects National Convention and Design Expo AIA 2006, Los Angeles, CA  (English)
AIA convention featuring a design show.
Category: past-event

June 20 - 23, 2006
PCBC 2006, San Francisco, CA  (English)
Homebuilders show and conference.
Category: past-event

September 3 - 5, 2006
South East Building Conference, SEBC 2006, Orlando, FL  (English)
Regional show on construction products and -technologies.
Category: past-event

September 28 - 30, 2006
ISH North America, Chicago  (English)
Construction fair with focus on kitchen, bath and air conditioning (website nop longer availabe, we link to ISH 2007 website).
Category: past-event

February 7 - 10, 2007
International Builders Show, Orlando, FL  (English)
Fair of construction technologies and -products.
Category: past-event

April 17 - 20, 2007
Coverings, Chicago, IL  (English)
International exhibition for coverings, especially tile and stone
Category: past-event

April 19 - 20, 2007
ICRI S>pring Convention, Atlanta, GA  (English)
Concrete Repair Institute's conference on concrete repair technolgies, featuring industry show.
Category: past-event

October 31 - November 2, 2007
Design Build Expo, Dallas  (English)
Fair for construction technologies and materials from an architectural perspective (link no longer available, we link to 2009 site).
Category: past-event

November 27 - 30, 2007
Pool and Spa Expo 2007, Orlando, FL  (English)
Exhibition and conference for pool and spa technology.
Category: past-event

March 11 - 15, 2008
Conexpo-Con/AGG 2008, Las Vegas  (English)
Building equipment and materials show, focus on concrete.
Category: past-event

May 14 - 17, 2009
Home Decoration Exhibition HDExpo 2009, Las Vegas  (English)
Industry Show for interior decoration as well as installation materials for residential homes.
Category: past-event

April 8, 2014
Fourth American Drymix Mortar Conference admmc four, Atlanta, GA  (English)
The Fourth American Drymix Mortar Conference and Industry Showcase admmc four is scheduled to take place on April 8th, 2014 in Atlanta, GA, USA. Building on the success of admmc one, two and three this conference is again aimed at the NAFTA region. Of course we would also look forward to active participation from Latin America. This conference will feature distinguished speakers who will focus on recent developments in the drymix mortar industry. Experts in the field of drymix mortars from around the world will be present, ensuring a highly diverse audience.
Category: past-event

April 8 - 10, 2014
American Coatings Show 2014, Atlanta, GA  (English)
International fair on coatings, laquers and ink, organized by the American Coatings Association, Vincentz Network and Nürnberg Messe.
Category: past-event

April 10 - 12, 2018
American Coatings Show 2018, Indianapolis, IN  (English)
Industry exhibition on paints, lacquers and coatings, hosted by the American Coatings Association in cooperation with Vincentz Network.
Category: past-event

Listings associated with the United States:

W.R. Grace & Co.
A complete line of grinding aids, quality improvers and masonry cement additives for use in the production of cement.
Category: cement

The Dow Chemical Company  (English)
Producer of methylcellulose and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (Methocel) as well as hydroxyethyl cellulose (Cellosize).
Category: cellulose-ether

Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients  (English)
Producer of various cellulose derivatives such as methyl cellulose and MC derivatives, hydroxypropyl cellulose, hydroxyethyl cellulose, hydrophob modified hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), and polyanionic cellulose (PAC).
Category: cellulose-ether

EIFS Industry Members Association  (English)
American association for the promotion of EIFS.
Category: associations

Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry  (English)
US-Association for wall and ceilings.
Category: associations

Construction Spefifications Institute  (English)
American association of specifiers in construction (architects, engineers, building material suppliers etc.)
Category: associations

National Concrete Masonry Association  (English)
Association of manufacturers of concrete masonry blocks.
Located in the United States.
Category: associations

Floor Installation Association of North America  (English)
Association of floor installers and suppliers to this industry.
Category: associations

Tiles & Decorative Surfaces  (English)
US-publication on tiling and interior decoration, monthly.
Category: publication

International Concrete Repair Institute  (English)
American association for concrete repair technology, contractors & suppliers.
Category: associations

National One Coat Stucco Association (NOCSA)  (English)
One Coat Stucco is an exterior wall treatment made out of portland cement, sand, fibers and special chemicals. The mission of NOCSA is to promote the manufacturing and installation of quality one-coat stucco. Provides technical information and answers on FAQ's as well as a list of the manufacturing members.
Located in the United States.
Category: associations

Hercules Inc. - Aqualon Division
Setting retarders for gypsum plaster and other hemihydrate-based products. (Silipon RV).
Category: set-retarder

Hercules Inc. - Aqualon Division
Distributes several starch ethers. (Amylotex)
Category: starch-ether

Hercules Inc. - Aqualon Division
Air entraining agents and wetting agents, based on sodium lauryl sulfate, olefine sulfonates and ethoxylated fatty alcohols (tradename Silipon).
Category: air-entraining-agent

The Dow Chemical Company
Manufacturer of high molecular weight water-soluble poly (ethylene oxide) polymers. Molecular weights range from 100,000 to about 8,000,000. (Polyox®). Products have a thickening effect in cementitious mortars and influence the workability of the wet mortars.
Category: rheological-additive

Hercules Inc. - Aqualon Division
Defoamer for dry mortars like self leveling compounds based on cement or gypsum. (Silipur)
Category: defoamer

The Dow Chemical Company
DLP (Dow Latex Powder) redispersible powders based on polyvinyl acetate (and copolymers and terpolymers).
Category: redispersible-powder

Ashland Inc. - Aqualon Division
Manufacturer of Guar ether and guar ether derivatives (tradenames Glactosol and N-Hance).
Category: guar-ether

TA Instruments
Manufacturer specializing in thermal analysis and rheology instrumentation.
Category: rheometer

W.R. Grace & Co.
Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures: 'Eclipse Plus' is a shrinkage reducing admixture for air entrained concrete mixes, 'Eclipse Floor' is for non-air entrained concrete mixes (because it is a potent air detrainer).
Category: shrinkage-reducer

Cimbar Performance Minerals Co.
Manufacturer of organoclays such as sodium bentonites and calcium bentonites.
Category: rheological-additive

Noveon, Inc.
Manufacturer of thickeners, suspending agents and stabilizers (Carbopol). Most polymers are high molecular weight homo- and copolymers of acrylic acid crosslinked with a polyalkenyl polyether, available as powders and liquid.
Category: rheological-additive

BASF SE, former Engelhard Corporation
Inorganic and organic pigments (powder and dispersions); various effect pigments.
Category: pigment

The Schundler Company
Manufacturer of perlite and vermiculite. Provides information on the many industrial uses of perlite and vermiculite.
Category: lightweight-aggregate

Central Fiber Corporation
Manufacturer of reinforcing cellulose fibers used in asphalt based products, coatings, and mortars.
Category: fiber

Southern Clay, Inc., part of Rockwood Group
Manufacturer of bentonites and smectites for the rheologic modification of coatings.
Category: rheological-additive

Solutia Inc.
Producer of phosphonates and phosphonic acids. Some of them may be used as retarders for gypsum and cement. (Dequest)
Category: set-retarder

Potters Industries LLC
Producer of solid and hollow ceramic and glass microspheres (trade names: Extendospheres, Q-CEL, Sphericel).
Category: microsphere

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Manufacturer of rotational viscometers for lab and on-line process applications.
Category: rheometer

W.R. Grace & Co.
Producer of Vermiculite with plants in North Amerika (USA and Canada). Zonolite® Masonry Insulation is coated with a water repellant for use as an insulator in masonry wall assemblies, while Zonolite Vermiculite is specially sized and used in industrial applications.
Category: lightweight-aggregate

Celanese Chemicals, Ltd.
Manufacturer of polyvinyl alcohol in the USA (Calvert City, KY, Pasadena, TX; Celvol incorporates former Airvol product range).
Category: polyvinylalcohol

Industrial Asset Management (IAM), L.L.C.
Sales organisation of used industrial plants and equipment, based in Princeton, NJ, operating worldwide.
Category: equipment

BASF SE, former Engelhard Corporation
Producer of thixotropic agents based on attapulgite. (Attagel, former Engelhard product).
Category: thixotropic-agent

Producer of glass bubbles (soda-lime-borosilicate glass) and ceramic microspheres (silica-alumina ceramic). Trade names: Scotchlite, Zeeospheres, Z-Light Spheres.
Category: microsphere

Con-Cure Corporation
Producer of an on-site concrete maturity testing system which monitors the curing of concrete.
Category: lab-equipment

Minifibers, Inc.
Manufacturer of short cut fibers (acrylic, Nylon, polyester, polypropylene, Rayon) and pulps (polyethylene, polypropylene).
Category: fiber

Elementis Specialties, Inc.
Producer of rheological additives (thixotropic agents). Brand names: Bentone, Benaqua, Rheolate.
Category: thixotropic-agent

Cimbar Performance Minerals Co.
Manufacturer of baryte (barium sulfate) fillers.
Category: heavyweight-aggregate

AshTek Corporation
Producer of alumino-silicate microspheres (Cenospheres), (website currently out of order).
Category: microsphere

Norchem Concrete Products, Inc.
Producer of undensified (uncompacted) and densified (compacted) silica fume.
Category: microsilica

Perstorp Polyols Inc.
Calcium formate (technical grade, for use as concrete setting accelerator).
Category: set-accelerator

CP Kelco U.S., Inc.
Biopolymers (polysaccharides) as stabilizer for self-leveling mortars or self-compacting concrete. (Kelco-Crete® Welan gum, Diutan gum)
Category: stabilizer

TXI Corporation, Texas
Manufacturer of building products such a cement, aggregates and reinforcing steel. Also produces a line of Sakrete drymix mortars.
Category: cement

CP Kelco U.S., Inc.
Producer of Xanthan gum (Kelzan), Welan gum (Kelco-Crete K1C376), and Diutan gum (Kelco-Crete 200).
Category: rheological-additive

BASF AG (former Engelhard Corporation)
Producer of high reactivity metakaolin, an aluminosilicate pozzolan formed by calcining purified kaolinite. It is white and does not darken concrete as silica fume does. Conform to ASTM C 618, Class N (natural) pozzolan specifications. (MetaMax)
Category: filler

Provoton Inc.
Producer of a protein-based foaming agent for production of foam concrete (Provoton).
Category: foaming-agent

CreaFill Fibers Corp.
Cellulose fibers as functional additives made from alpha cellulose (CreaTech) and recycled cellulose (CreaMix).
Category: fiber

Cement Test Equipment, Inc.
Manufacturers of API/ISO oil well cement testing instruments. Equipment includes consistometers and ultrasonic instruments for monitoring the setting and hardening of cement at temperatures up to 600°F and pressures up to 275 MPa.
Category: lab-equipment

Foamglas Pittsburg Corning
Manufacturer of cellular glass thermal insulation panels, tradename foamglas.
Category: application-tool

Kronos Worldwide, Inc.
Manufacturer of titanium dioxide pigments with global presence (15 production locations).
Category: pigment

Diversified Storage Systems DSS
Manufacturer of permanent or movable bulk storage silos.
Category: storage

Innophos, Inc. (former Rhodia Specialty Phosphates)
Producer of inorganic phosphate specialties; setting retarder for gypsum for the north american market.
Category: set-retarder

Propex Corporation
Manufacturer of a wide range of fiber types for concrete reinforcement: Steel fibers (Novotex, Xorex, Novocon) and polypropylene fibers (Fibermesh, Harbourite, Stealth) as well as blends thereof. Offers also nylon fibers (Caprolan-RC, manufactured by Honeywell).
Category: fiber

Ash Grove Cement Company
Producer of limestone, lime and various grades of cement, including specialty cements such as Duracem F (bland with 25 % flyash) and Aerimix (structured by micro-pores, for better freeze-thaw stability). Ash Grove is headquartered in Overpark, KS, Ash Grove operates cement plants in 9 US states.
Category: cement

BASF SE, former Engelhard Corporation
Compounder of specialty kaolin extended pigments (tradename Lumogen).
Category: filler

Active Minerals Company LLC
Producer of mineral thickeners on the base of attapulgite and/or kaolin for use in mortars. (tradename Acti-Gel)
Category: thixotropic-agent

ELE International
Manufacturer of testing equipment for the construction materials testing industry: Testing equipment for fresh and hard concrete, asphalt, soil.
Category: lab-equipment

Troy Corporation
Defoaming additives for dry mortars (Troykyd) with special grades for SLU.
Category: defoamer

Cellular Concrete LLC
Synthetic foam liquid concentrates and foam generation equipment. Mearlcrete® - an aqueous concentrate of a surface-active Polypeptide-Alkylene polyol condensate, specially formulated to yield a tough, stable, voluminous micro bubbled foam. The foam is used for producing cellular or foamed concrete and cement slurries used for thermal insulation, structural concrete, fills, soundproof floors, fireproofing and firewalls and precast products.
Category: foaming-agent

Alco Chemical - National Starch and Chemical Company
Produces polymers with chelation and sequestration properties and the ability to modify forming inorganic crystals.
Category: set-retarder

PQ Corporation
Producer of a wide range of sodium silicates and potassium silicates. Available as solution in water and in powder form.
Category: waterglass

Quantachrome Instruments
Manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for characterizing properties of powders and porous materials: surface area, pore size,pore volume, density, water sorption.
Category: particle-characterization

Engineered Fibers Technology, LLC
Supplier of short cut fibres (0.5 to 25 mm), pulps and fibrillated fibers. Fibres based on polyester, nylon, acrylic, PAN (polyacrylonitrile), PTFE, PVA, polypropylene, polyethylene, melamine (Basofil, heat and flame resistant fiber) and several others. Acrylic and lyocell pulps. Provides contract cutting services for short fibers.
Category: fiber