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Jingkun Chemistry Company
Manufacturer of guar ethers (tradename Guarsafe)

CHT Group (fromer CHT Beitlich, Bezema)  (English, German)
Manufacturers of guar ethers for the building industry (Agocel).

Ashland Inc. - Aqualon Division
Manufacturer of Guar ether and guar ether derivatives (tradenames Glactosol and N-Hance).

Hexion (former Momentive)
Producer of guar derivatives as stabilisers, rheology modifiers and water retention agents (Rhoximat RH).

Procell Polymers
Manufacturer of thickening agents such as Guar Ethers, Xanthan Gum and (Na) CMC Gum.

Rajasthan Gum Industries
Manufacturer of guar gum for use in food, textile, mining, drilling, paper as weel as in drymix mortars (tradename Aargum).

Tianjin City Dian Rong Biological Technology Co.,Ltd
Manufacturer of Welan and Xanthan Gums.

Glycomer GmbH
Manufacturer of rheology modifiers based on Guar and Cassia Ethers.

Avebe B.A.
Supplier of guar derivatives as water retaining agents and rheology modifiers, mainly for gypsum applications (Trdename Addilose).

India Glycols, Ltd., Kashipur
Manufacturer of Guar Gum, used in drymix mortars to improve water retention and thickening effects (tradename Igguar).

Lehmann & Voss & Co. (LuV)
Distributes Lamberti's guar ether to the German market. (Esacol)

Lamberti spa
Producer of a wide range of guar ethers for use as thickening agent and water retention agent in dry mortars. (Esacol)