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Timcal Graphite
Natural and synthetic graphite powders. Some graphite types are available as dispersion.

Byk-Chemie GmbH
Manufacturer of acid catalysts for solvent-based and aqueous coating systems. They accelerate the cross-linking of amino resins with resins containing hydroxyl groups. And an additive which increases the conductivity of electrostatically sprayed coatings. A subsidiary of Altana (Chemie) AG.

Krahn Chemie GmbH
Raw materials for coatings, adhesives, sealants, building chemistry, rubber and plastics.

Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry
Surfactants for a large variety of purposes and oleochemicals (fatty acids and their derivatives).

Hanse Chemie GmbH
Producer of materials for sealants (one-part silicone and hybrid sealants), adhesives (PU, reaction resins) and moldmaking materials.

Sarogi Shellac Overseas Corp.
Manufacturers and exporter of Shellac, India.

Paramelt B.V.
Emulsions based on waxes like paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, oxidised PE wax, carnauba wax.

Akzo Nobel Chemicals GmbH
Chelating agents: EDTA, DTPA, PDTA and NTA. (Dissolvine)

Magnesia GmbH
Mg- and Ca-Compounds for pharmaceutical and chemically-technical applications: Magnesium carbonates, magnesium hydroxides, Mg-citrate, Mg-stearate, Mg-oxides, calcium carbonates, Ca-hydroxides, Ca-oxides, Ca-stearate.

Sigmund Lindner GmbH
Manufacturer of technical glass beads and glitter: Glas-glitter, polyester-glitter, aluminium-glitter for applications in the coatings industry. Glas beads as reflection beads for road marking.

Bassermann minerals GmbH
Distributes fillers, pigments and some organic binders to the German paint industry.

Paramelt B.V.
Specialty waxes: Bases waxes for use in formulations of wax polishes, paints, hot melt adhesives and anti-ozone waxes as ozone protection agent for technical rubber. Furthermore microcrystalline waxes which range in melting points from 60 to almost 100ºC and can be both very flexible and hard.

Gustav Grolman GmbH & Co. KG
Distributes pigments, mineral fillers, additives and binders for use in coatings, adhesives, building products, plastics.

Prochem AG
Distributor of specialty chemicals to the Swiss market: Building and construction industry, paint and varnish industry, plastic and adhesive industry.

Graphit Kropfmühl AG
The Specialist for graphite refinement produces graphite powder, flake graphite, high purity grades (up to 99.99%), expandable graphite and graphite dispersions.

Pergan GmbH
Organic peroxides in various supply forms: Technical pure flakes, solutions in water or organic solvents as well as dry compounds (mix with gypsum, chalk, calcium carbonate).

Rio Tinto Borax
Supplies refined borates for use in paints (dispersant, flame retardant) and preservative for wood.
Publisher: Rio Tinto Borax

Herbst Handel + Transport GmbH
Powdery loam, bentonite.

Hansa Chemie AG
Chemicals and specialties: Surfactants, TiO2, polyvinyl alcohols, inorganic salts, citric acid and citrates.

Omya Hamburg GmbH
Distributors of oleochemicals (fatty acids and their derivatives), fillers (calcium carbonate) and industrial chemicals like citric acid and citrates.

China Chengjiang Heqi Fluoride Factory
Fluorosilicates: Sodium, potassium, magnesium and ammonium fluorosilicate.

Baerlocher GmbH
Additives and additive blends for plastics (especially PVC additives), fatty acids, their derivatives and various metal soaps (also for use in the field of building protection; we link to Bärlocher's geman website).

Crompton Corporation
Micronized synthetic waxes, i.e. N,N'-ethylenebisstearamide, marketed under the tradename of Keramide.

Byk; former Dick Peters B.V.
Manufacturer of wax emulsions: Waterbased polyethylene, polypropylene, paraffin and natural wax dispersions.

Wilhelm Priem GmbH & Co. KG
Raw materials for coatings (additives, fungicides, insecticides). Gypsum (and anhydrite) for use as fillers. [Only contact information. (Aug 2003)]

BauMineral GmbH Herten
Coal combustion products: Fly ash (EFA-Füller, BM-Füller), bottom ash (Grobalith), boiler slag (Isogran), FGD gypsum.