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Poraver GmbH
Manufacturer of a layered, calcined silicate (tradename Metapor), a pozzolanic by-product of the expanded glass production.

Spherefill (Suek-Baltic)  (English)
Manufacturer of various gradations of hollow spheres (cenospheres) for the use in mortars and other building and industrial applications

Dennert Poraver GmbH
Manufacturer of expanded glass micro spheres for the use in drymix mortars - process based upon recycled waste glass.

Expancel (Akzo Nobel)
Producer of microspheres consisting of a polymer shell encapsulating a gas. When the gas inside the shell is heated (> 100°C), it increases its pressure and the thermoplastic shell softens, resulting in an increase in the volume. The product range includes both unexpanded (1000 g/L) and expanded microspheres (30g/L), as dry powder or slurry or paste (wet cake). Trade name: Expancel.

Producer of glass bubbles (soda-lime-borosilicate glass) and ceramic microspheres (silica-alumina ceramic). Trade names: Scotchlite, Zeeospheres, Z-Light Spheres.

Envirospheres Pty Ltd
Manufacturer of ceramic micro-filler (aluminium silicate). Trade name: E-Spheres.
Located in Australia.

AshTek Corporation
Producer of alumino-silicate microspheres (Cenospheres), (website currently out of order).

Omya Fillite Ltd.
Producer of hollow ceramic spheres (alumino-silicate). Trade name: Fillite Cenospheres (former Trelleborg/SE activity) used as lightweight filler in paints, plastics compounding and mortars.

Asia Pacific Microspheres Sdn Bhd
Producer of hollow spheres out of phenolic resin.
Located in Malaysia.

Potters Industries LLC
Producer of solid and hollow ceramic and glass microspheres (trade names: Extendospheres, Q-CEL, Sphericel).

Jebsen & Jessen (GmbH & Co.) KG; JJ Glass Bubbles
Supplier of hollow glass microspheres.

Noble International S.A.
Producer of glass microspheres with various shapes, spherical and multicellular. Trade name: Noblite.

Advanced Minerals Limited
Producer of hollow alumino-silicate spheres in several grades with particle sizes ranging from 5 to 300 microns. (Cenolyte)

Omega Minerals Germany GmbH
Producer and distributor of various microspheres (glass and ceramic).

Sika Addiment GmbH
Supplier of polymer microspheres (particle size <100 µm) in pasty form for use in concrete and mortar (former Sika Addiment GmbH).
Located in Germany.

Ziegler & Co. GmbH
Distributor of glass microspheres (Noblite), a product of Noble International.
Located in Germany.