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Hexion Specialty Chemicals, former Momentive  (English)
Supplier of polyamide fibers (Rhoximat NYL).

CFF GmbH & Co. KG  (English, German)
Manufacturer of cellulose fibers (from 20µm to 2500µm; Technocel®) for the use in paints, tile adhesives, renders and bituminous products. Cellulose fibers act as crack reducer (reinforcement), anti-sagging agent as well as rheologic additive and lightweight filler.

J. Rettenmaier & Söhne GmbH + Co, JRS  (English, German)
Manufacturer of cellulose fibers (Arbocel) and wood fibers (Lignocel).

Lambda Furtherance bv  (English)
Manufacturer of technical acrylic fibers (Tradename Pancea).

Baumhueter Extrusion GmbH (Baumhüter)  (English, French, German)
Manufacturer of fibers for concrete and mortar applications (PP, PE, tradename PB Eurofiber).

Fisispe Sa
Producer of acrylic fibers for the use in paints, mortars and concrete.

Rockwool bv, Lapinus Fibres
Manufacturer of mineral fibers for the use in mortars as prevention of (shrinkage) cracking (tradenames Rockforce, Roxul, Coatforce).

Fabrino Produktionsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Manufacturer of fibers (PP, glas, steel) for concrete and drymix mortar applications, also providing specialty concrete admixtures and concrete surface treating systems (for decorative purposes).

Otavi Minerals GmbH
Distributor for stainless steel fibres of Fibretech to the German market. Several types of high temperature resistant fibres for use in fireproof building materials.

Jiangsu Danyan Synthetic Fibre Co., Ltd
Producer of fibres used for controlling permeability and cracking of concrete. (Dan-Strong)

Elasto Plastic Concrete Inc.
Supplier of synthetic fibers (high tensile strength modified polyolefine), especially developed for shotcrete. Trade name: Barchip.

Schwarzwälder Textilwerke Heinrich Kautzmann GmbH (STW)
Short chopped fibres (lenght 0.2 to 24 mm): cotton, jute, sisal, polyamide, polyester, polyacrylonitrile, polypropylene, polyvinyl alcohol, aramid, carbon and glass fibres and mineral wool; polyamide, polyester, polyacrylonitrile, polypropylene, polyvinyl alcohol, white and black cellulose/viscose and carbon fibres; highly-fibrillated polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyacrylonitrile pulp.

Minifibers, Inc.
Manufacturer of short cut fibers (acrylic, Nylon, polyester, polypropylene, Rayon) and pulps (polyethylene, polypropylene).

Green Jeans insulation, Inc.
Manufacturer of recycled cotton fibers from worn jeans for the use as sound insulation mats, thermal insulation mats and as reinforcement fiber.

Propex Corporation
Manufacturer of a wide range of fiber types for concrete reinforcement: Steel fibers (Novotex, Xorex, Novocon) and polypropylene fibers (Fibermesh, Harbourite, Stealth) as well as blends thereof. Offers also nylon fibers (Caprolan-RC, manufactured by Honeywell).

Heinrich Osthoff-Petrasch GmbH & Co.KG
Inorganic fibres (calcium silicate, wollastonit), glass fibers, cellulose fibres, and synthetic fibers (only parts of website in english).
Located in Germany.

Ashland-Südchemie-Kernfest GmbH
Distributor for carbon products of Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd., among other products: carbonized fibers, graphitized fibers, and activated carbon fibers.

Forta Corporation
Manufacturer of polypropylene fibers.

Central Fiber Corporation
Manufacturer of reinforcing cellulose fibers used in asphalt based products, coatings, and mortars.

CreaFill Fibers Corp.
Cellulose fibers as functional additives made from alpha cellulose (CreaTech) and recycled cellulose (CreaMix).

Montefibre S.p.A.
Manufacturer of polyester, polyacrylnitrile and acrylic fibres for the use in paints and drymix products (tradenames Ricem, Leacril, Terital, Fidon FR).

Jelu-Werk, Josef Ehrler GmbH & Co.KG
Producer of cellulose powders and cellulose fibres (Jelucel) as well as softwood/hardwood powders and fibres (Jeluxyl).

Rath AG
Producer of aluminia-silica fibres and alumina fibres.

Climacell, Cellulose Werk Angelbachtal (CWA) GmbH
Producer of cellulose fiber grades with fiber lengths between 0.1 and 2 mm.

Ako, A. Kolckmann GmbH
Manufacturer of acrylic and polypropylen fibres for the use as reinforcement for drymix mortars.

Mikro-Technik GmbH & Co.KG
Cellulose powder and granulated cellulose. Some grades are coated with stearic acid.

Polypropylene Fiber Industry
Manufacturer of polypropylene fibers for mortars and concrete. Also offering steel fibers for shotcrete.
Located in Turkey.

Lenzing Fibers
Manufacturer of alkali resistant and high tenacity acrylic fibres (Tradename Dolanit).

Owens Corning
Manufacturer of alkali resistant glassfibres (AR glassfibres; former Vetrotex SL; tradename Cem-Fil). Rovings and chopped strands (length: 3 to 40 mm) for the prevention of cracks and fiber-reinforced concrete.

Spajic d.o.o., Bukovce
Manufacturer of steel fibres and steel shot as blasting media.
Located in Serbia And Montenegro.

Willi Krampe Strahltechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Manufacturer of steel fibres made of carbon steel, cold rolled strips, and stainless steel, as well as micro-fibres made of carbon steel. English version currently not available (FL Nov 04).

Bekaert NV (Dramix)
Manufacturer of steel fibers for the reinforcement of concrete (tradename Dramix).

Engineered Fibers Technology, LLC
Supplier of short cut fibres (0.5 to 25 mm), pulps and fibrillated fibers. Fibres based on polyester, nylon, acrylic, PAN (polyacrylonitrile), PTFE, PVA, polypropylene, polyethylene, melamine (Basofil, heat and flame resistant fiber) and several others. Acrylic and lyocell pulps. Provides contract cutting services for short fibers.

Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. (NEG)
Manufacturer of high zirconia alkali-resistant glass fibres. Produces a variety of strand lengths and two types of chopped strands: The high integrity type disperses as strands and the water dispersible type disperses into filaments in the matrix of cement mortar.

Swicofil AG
Distributes polypropylene fibers (made by more than 20 different european manufacturers) for use in concrete (to prevent micro cracks) in the marlets outside Western Europe.

SPI Muhendislik ve Dis Ticaret Ltd.Sti. / Fiberforce
Manufacturer of steel and polypropylene fibers for the modification of concrete and drymix mortars.

Adfil Construction Fibers
Manufacturer of fibers for concrete and mortars.

Dolan GmbH
Manufacturer of technical acrylic fibers for the use in concrete and drymix mortars (tradename Dolanit).