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BASF Construction Additives GmbH
Air-entraining Agents in powder form (tradename: Vinapor AE) for use in drymix mortars.

Berolan Vertriebsges. m.b.H.  (English, German, Italian, Spanish)
Producer of air-entraining agents for mortars based on cement, gypsum or lime. Offers special grades for renovation mortars.

Evonik Nutrition & Care  (English)
Manufacturer of air entraining agents (Sitren).

SE Tylose GmbH
Air entraining agents (Hostapur OSB, an anionic surfactant) and wetting agents (Genapol PF 80 powder, a non-ionic surfactant) as well as several liquid products (Hostapur, Zeliquid, Genapol, Arkopal).

Hercules Inc. - Aqualon Division
Air entraining agents and wetting agents, based on sodium lauryl sulfate, olefine sulfonates and ethoxylated fatty alcohols (tradename Silipon).

Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB
Liquid air-entraining admixtures for conctrete applications.

Cognis Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG
Manufacturer of surfactants offering a wide range of product types, including several types suited for dry mix mortars, i.e. sodium lauryl sulfate as air entraining agent for mortars based on gypsum, lime or cement. (Texapon® K 12)

C.H. Erbslöh KG
Supplier of a polyol with a high molecular weight; white powder with a melting point of 52°C. Additive in cementitious trowelling compounds and as a latex stabilizer. (Synperonic PE/F 68)

Manufacturer of air entraining agents in powder form based on natural polyphenolic resins from the parana Pine (tradename Carbofen)

Prochem AG
Distributes Hansa-Chemie's air entraining agents to the Swiss market.

BCD Rohstoffe für Bauchemie HandelsGmbH
Air entrainers (Sacopor) and foaming agents (Sacofoam).

Kao Corporation
Air entraining agents (liquid) for concrete and foaming agents for gypsum plaster board.

Hansa Chemie AG
Produces and distributes various tensides, among them fatty alcoholethoxylates, sodium laurylethersulfates, and sodium laurylsulfate. (Hansanol)

Pinova, Inc.
Manufacturer of rosin and other resins for the use as air entrainment agents for mortars and concrete (tradenames Pexite and Vinsol).

Unger Functional Materials
Producer of air-entraining agents in powder form (Tradename Ulfapore)