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BFT Betonwerk + Fertigteil-Technik  (English, German, Spanish)
Trade journal for producers of concrete and reinforced concrete products and plant and equipment.

Baustoffmarkt  (German)
Das Wirtschaftsmagazin für die Bausoffbranche (german).
Publisher: Wohlfarth Verlag

New Building Materials, NBM  (Chinese)
Monthly hinese magazine on building materials and technologies, founded in 1974.
Located in China.

European Coatings Journal  (English)
Publication on paints and other coatings (english).
Publisher: Vincentz Verlag

Schüttgut  (German)
Magazine on bulk materials handling and processing (german, other titles available at Vogel Medien).
Publisher: Vogel Transtech Publications GmbH

Southeast Asia Construction (SEAC)  (English)
Construction journal on technologies, equipment and materials as well as classifieds. Exists since 1994, 6 issues per year.

Walls & Ceilings Magazine  (English)
Monthly US magazine on interior and exterior walls and ceilings construction and finishing.

Cement-Lime-Gypsum  (English, German)
Technical journal on the international scene covering the entire binder industry and its ancillary suppliers of plant and mechanical equipment.
Publisher: Bauverlag BV GmbH - Nondestructive Testing and Ultrasonics  (English)
An e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing.
Publisher: Rolf Diederichs

Global Cement Magazine  (English)
Magazine on cement and lime manufacturing.
Publisher: PRo Publications International Ltd.

Beton  (German)
Journal focusing on concrete: raw materials, production, application as well as maintenance and repair.
Publisher: Verlag Bau + Technik GmbH

Farbe und Lack  (German)
Publication on coatings, also some mortar subjects sometime (german).
Publisher: Vincentz Verlag

Applied Rheology  (English)
A journal dealing with all aspects of flow in complex materials, appears bi-monthly, issued by Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Zürich, Switzerland (ETH).

Tiles & Decorative Surfaces  (English)
US-publication on tiling and interior decoration, monthly.

Tile International  (English)
International magazine on tile manufacturing and sales, published by Tile Edizioni srl, Modena, Italy (presentation of Tile International Magazine no longer available, website dito).

Baumagazin  (German)
Magazine on construction technologies and materials (german).
Publisher: SBM Verlag

Bautenschutz + Bausanierung  (German)
Practice-oriented publication covering building maintenance and rehabilitation.
Publisher: Rudolf Müller Verlag

Powder Handling & Processing  (English)
Magazine on bulk materials handling and processing.
Publisher: Vogel Transtech Publications GmbH

AIT  (German)
Zeitschrift für Architektur, Innenarchitektur und Technischen Ausbau (german)

Fliesen und Platten  (German)
Monthly magazine, focussed upon tile and decorative stone application, technology, sales (issued bei Rudolf Müller Verlag).

Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology  (English)
Electronically published papers focusing on concrete technology (fresh and hardened concrete, raw materials, structures, failure mechanisms, durability). The full-text for the first four issues are freely available.
Publisher: Japan Concrete Institute

Baustoffmagazin, SBM Verlag  (German)
Magazine on construction materials and -technologies, incl. additives for building products (german).

Southeast Asia Building  (English)
Building and construction magazine, focus upon architecture and interior design, published since 1974, 6 issues/year.

Adhäsion/Adhesion  (English, German)
Magazine on adhesives and sealants (german & english).

January 1, 2011
Global Gypsum Magazine  (English)
A journal for the gypsum industry, focusing on gypsum production and use around the world: market information, state of the art technology, case studies and news from the global gypsum industry (link no longer available, we link to 2013 site).
Publisher: PRo Publications International Ltd