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BASF Construction Additives GmbH
Defoamers in powder form (Tradename: Vinapor DF) for use in drymix mortars.

Evonik Operations GmbH | Specialty Additives
Manufacturer of organomodified siloxanes-based defoamer for drymixes in powder form (Tego Antifoam).

Synthomer plc  (English)
Supplier of powdery foam control agents (tradename Axilat).

Evonik Operations GmbH | Specialty Additives  (English, German)
Manufacturer of defoamers for the use in drymix mortars (Surfynol, formerly Air Products and Chemicals).

Blackburn Chemicals, Ltd.  (English)
Manufacturer of anti-foaming agents, sold under the tradename of Dispelair.

Hercules Inc. - Aqualon Division
Defoamer for dry mortars like self leveling compounds based on cement or gypsum. (Silipur)

PMC Ouvrie
Manufactrurer of defoamers (Delfoam grades). Part of PMC Group. Integrated Delchim in 2004 (english website currently out of order).

Cognis Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG
Powdery defoamers, named 'Dehydran 1922' and 'Foamaster PD1'.

Chemiplastica (former Gruppo Chimico Dalton)
Manufacturer of defoamers based upon both siliconic and non siliconic technologies.

Troy Corporation
Defoaming additives for dry mortars (Troykyd) with special grades for SLU.

Münzing Chemie GmbH ("Munzing")
Powdery defoamers for drymix mortars , based on mineral oil or silicone. (Agitan)

Addiment Italia srl
Manufacturer of various additives for renders such as defoamers, air entraining agents, accelerators, retarders, flow agents (we link to the summary page).

Elementis Specialties
Manufacturer of liquid and powder-form defoamers (tradename Dapro).

Kerneos SA, Peramin Div.
Manufacturer of defoamers in liquid and powder form (Peramin Defoam).

C.H. Erbslöh KG
Defoamers in powder form for dry factory-made mortar.