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BASF Construction Solutions GmbH
Accelerators in powder form based on crystal seeding technology (tradename HyCon S) for use in drymix mortars.

Sidley Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of calcium formate in powder form for the setting control of concrete and drymix mortar

Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB  (English)
Accelerating admixture for cementitious systems (especially shotcrete) based on thiocyanate.

Hexion Specialty Chemicals, former Momentive  (English)
Supplier of set accelerators based on alumina (Rhoximat SA 502).

Puyang Yintai Industrial Trading Company Ltd.
Supplier of Calcium Formate in powder form for use as a set-accelerator for drymix mortars.

Henan Botai Chemical Building Materials, Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of Calcium Formate.

CG Chemikalien GmbH & Co. KG
Distributor for chemicals, amongst others: Calcium formate.

Harzer Gipswerke Robert Schimpf Söhne
Finely ground calciumsulfate dihydrate as accelerator for Plaster of Paris.

Colltec GmbH & Co. KG
Setting accelerators for cement, based on precipitated silica and alumina.

Remondis AG (ehem. Rethmann Lippewerk GmbH)
Sodium aluminate solutions for the production of concrete admixtures. (trademark alumin).

RCF Chemie + Faser GmbH
Distributor of calcium formate as set accelerator for cement.
Located in Germany.

Shandong Xinruida Chemical Co.
Manufacturer of calcium formate.

Yara International ASA
Producer of a special grade of calcium nitrate for use in formulations of chloride-free set accelerating admixtures for concrete (Nitcal).

Perstorp Polyols Inc.
Calcium formate (technical grade, for use as concrete setting accelerator).

Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha (Denka Group)
Several set accelerators for cements (based on high alumina cement and calcium sulfo aluminates).

Rockwood Lithium (former Chemetall GmbH)
Lithium carbonate, lithium sulfate and lithium hydroxide. They act as set accelerator in mortars based on high alumina cements (calcium aluminate cements).

Shanxi Calcrete Chemical Co., Ltd.
Producer of calcium nitrite for use as a concrete additive.
Located in China.

Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals bv
Sodium thiocyanate (setting accelerator for cement).

Shangyu Chemical Industry Corporation
Manufacturer of calcium formate for the use as setting accellerator of cementitious mixtures.
Located in China.

BK Giulini Chemie GmbH
Producer of sodium aluminate as setting accelerator and hardening agent for cement.

SQM Inc.
Producer of Lithium Carbonate Powders (Tradename QLithium).

Lanxess (former Bayer Chemicals AG)
Manufacturer of calcium formate for use as accelerator for concrete (former trade name: Mebofix).

Lanxess Distribution GmbH
Manufacturer of calcium formate.

Eiffel Industry sarl
Supplier of calcium formate and sodium formate in powder form.

FMC Corporation
Lithium carbonate-based accelerators for high-alumina cements (HAC) and alumina-portland cement blends.

Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG
Manufacturer of formiates (calcium-, ammonium-, sodium-, ...) and lithium salts (tradename Lohtragon).

Handy Chemicals Ltd.
Producer of accelerators based on aluminium compounds, especially developed for shotcrete.