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BYK Additives GmbH
Producer of rheological additives for mineral-bound mortars based on layered silicates (Optibent). Former Rockwood Clay Additives Ltd., former Süd-Chemie AG.

Baerlocher GmbH
Manufacturer of thixotropic agents.

Elementis Specialties, Inc.
Producer of rheological additives (thixotropic agents). Brand names: Bentone, Benaqua, Rheolate.

Grupo Tolsa
Manufacturer of rheological additives based on sepiolite and attapulgite with applications in mortars, plaster and admixtures. Porduction locations in Europe and Africa (Tradenames Pangel, Cimsil, Pansil, Smectagel).

Active Minerals Company LLC
Producer of mineral thickeners for use in mortars. (Acti-Gel)

Faber & VanderEnde BV
Distributor for attapulgites in Europe (Min-U-Gel, Florigel, and Actigel; manufactured by ITC Inc.).
Located in The Netherlands.

S & B Industrial Minarals S.A. (Silver & Baryte)
Globally operating manufacturer of bentonites, with bentonite mining operations in Germany, France, Hungary, Georgia, Italy and Spain. Also the world's largest producer of raw perlite.

Laviosa Chimica Mineraria, Bentec Spa
Manufacturer of Bentonites for coatings and construction applications, with plants in Livorno and Cagliari (tradenames Viscogel and Laviothix).

BASF SE, former Engelhard Corporation
Producer of thixotropic agents based on attapulgite. (Attagel, former Engelhard product).