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Events in United Kingdom:

June 23 - 24, 2004
Surfex: Coatings, Colour & Corrosion, Manchester, UK
Coating fair and conference with technical sessions.
Category: past-event

June 21 - 22, 2006
Surfex 2006, Manchester  (English)
Industry fair on coatings, inks, adhesvies and construction chemicals (website no longer available, we link to SurfexPlus).
Category: past-event

July 26 - 29, 2006
Interbuild Africa 2006, Cape Town  (English)
Fair on construction technologies (link no longer active, we link to the organizers).
Category: past-event

June 1 - 3, 2020
5th International Conference on Calcium Aluminates, Cambridge  (English)
International scientific conference on Calcium Alumina Cements (CAC).
Category: past-event

Listings associated with United Kingdom:

BYK Additives GmbH
Producer of rheological additives for mineral-bound mortars based on layered silicates (Optibent). Former Rockwood Clay Additives Ltd., former Süd-Chemie AG.
Category: thixotropic-agent

BYK Additives Ltd.  (English)
Manufacturer of various types of rheological additives for drymix applications based on layered silicates (Optibent). Former Rockwood Additves, former Süd-Chemie AG.
Category: rheological-additive

Blackburn Chemicals, Ltd.  (English)
Manufacturer of anti-foaming agents, sold under the tradename of Dispelair.
Category: defoamer

European Resin Manufacturer's Association, ERMA  (English)
ERMA was founded in 1994 in order to provide the resins industry with a homogeneous representation towards government and other regulatory bodies. Another vital goal of ERMA is to support communications amongst the members concerning technical and environmental issues as well as normation processes.
Category: associations

Global Gypsum Magazine  (English)
A journal for the gypsum industry, focusing on gypsum production and use around the world: market information, state of the art technology, case studies and news from the global gypsum industry (link no longer available, we link to 2013 site).
Publisher: PRo Publications International Ltd
Category: publication

Global Cement Magazine  (English)
Magazine on cement and lime manufacturing.
Publisher: PRo Publications International Ltd.
Category: publication

British Cement Association, BCA  (English)
National association of the cement industry in UK.
Category: associations

Triton Technologies, Trilogica Div (UK)
Manufacturer and distributor for Dynamic Material Analysis (DMA) testers, as well as thermal analysers and rheometers.
Category: mechanical-testing-equipment

Malvern Ltd.
Manufacturer of rheometers and viscometers (former Bohlin Instruments GmbH, since 1/2004 within Malvern.
Category: rheometer

E-A-B Associates Bayley-Edge Limited
Foaming agent (EABASSOC). It is fed with water into a foam generator to produce a stable, stiff foam.
Category: foaming-agent

Ineos Silicas Limited
Producer of alkali silicates (Na, K, Li) and specialties based on alklali silicates. Available in powder form and as solutions.
Category: waterglass

Advanced Minerals Limited
Producer of hollow alumino-silicate spheres in several grades with particle sizes ranging from 5 to 300 microns. (Cenolyte)
Category: microsphere

Wolstenholme International Ltd
Producer of speciality metallic pigments, metallic inks, vacuum metallised pigments, and carbon black dispersions.
Category: pigment

Ecotrade Overseas Ltd.
Trading company specializing in the merchandising of granulated blast furnace slag and other additives for use in cement manufacturing worldwide (limestone, pyrite ashes, fly ashes, oxyde scales of iron).
Category: fly-ash

Christeyns Ltd.
Distributor for construction chemicals with offices in England, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany. Also manufactures own line of concrete admixtures (Oscrete).
Category: distributors

Omya Fillite Ltd.
Producer of hollow ceramic spheres (alumino-silicate). Trade name: Fillite Cenospheres (former Trelleborg/SE activity) used as lightweight filler in paints, plastics compounding and mortars.
Category: microsphere