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Events in Italy:

September 28 - October 3, 2004
Cersaie 2004, Bologna  (English, Italian)
International trade fair on ceramics and bathroom construction.
Category: past-event

October 7 - 10, 2004
Marmomacc 2004, Verona  (English, Italian)
International trade fair for marble, stone and technology.
Category: past-event

October 13 - 17, 2004
SAIE 2004, Bologna, Italy  (English, Italian)
International exhibition on building technologies, held annually. Traditional focus on interior decoration issues as well as construction equipment. Includes this year SAIE noleggio (equipment rental) and SAIE tunnelling
Category: past-event

March 16 - 20, 2005
SaieDue 2005, Bologna  (English, Italian)
Exhibition on architecture, interior finishings, building renewal and technologies.
Category: past-event

September 27 - October 1, 2005
Cersaie 2005, Bologna  (English, Italian)
Annual exhibition on the manufacturing and application of tiles, organized by Assopiastrelle, the italian association of tile manufacturers (no website on 2005 available yet, we link to Cersaie 2004).
Category: past-event

October 12 - 16, 2005
Saie 2005, Bologna  (English, Italian)
Industry show on building technologies and materials.
Category: past-event

September 26 - 30, 2006
Cersaie 2006, Bologna  (English, Italian)
INternational trade fair for ceramic tiles, tile processing and manufacturing technology as well as application technology (CTA).
Category: past-event

October 25 - 29, 2006
Saie 2006, Bologna  (English, Italian)
International construction fair with focus on tiles and interior decoration (we refer to SAIE website).
Category: past-event

October 29 - November 1, 2006
8th CANMET/ACI, Sorrento  (English)
International Conference on Superplasticizers and Other Chemical Admixtures in Concrete (no website found yet; we refer to University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee listing).
Category: past-event

October 24 - 28, 2007
Saie 2007, Bologna  (English, Italian)
International construction and interieo decoration exhibition, traditionally with large section on tiles and tiles installation (link no longer available, we link to actual website).
Category: past-event

November 6 - 8, 2007
Eurocoat Expo 2007, Genoa  (English, Italian)
Trade fair for printing inks, paints, lacquers and adhesives.
Category: past-event

October 22 - 24, 2013
Eurocoat 2013, Piacenza  (English, Italian)
Exhibition about coatings, inks, varnishes, paints and adhesives.
Category: past-event

Listings associated with Italy:

Neuvendis s.r.l.  (Italian)
Distributor of additives for the paint and building materials industry with several subsidiaries and sales points in Italy.
Located in Italy.
Category: distributors

WAM S.p.A.  (English, Italian)
Manufacturer of mixing equipment for drymix mortar plants.
Category: packaging-equipment

FLSmidth Ventomatic S.p.A.  (English, Italian, Spanish)
Manufacturer of automated packaging equipment such as rotary packers, palettizing and big bag filling systems.
Category: packaging-equipment

Tile International  (English)
International magazine on tile manufacturing and sales, published by Tile Edizioni srl, Modena, Italy (presentation of Tile International Magazine no longer available, website dito).
Category: publication

Italcementi Group (Italcementi S.p.A.)
Globally active manufacturer and distributor of various grades of cement and ready mix concrete, over 50 operations in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.
Category: cement

Montefibre S.p.A.
Manufacturer of polyester, polyacrylnitrile and acrylic fibres for the use in paints and drymix products (tradenames Ricem, Leacril, Terital, Fidon FR).
Category: fiber

F.A.R. Fabbrica Adesivi Resine S.p.A.
Redispersible powders based on vinyl acetates (VAc), VAc-VeoVA copolymers (VeoVa is a vinyl ester of versatic acid), and VAc-VeoVA-Acrylate terpolymers. Trade name: Neolith P.
Category: redispersible-powder

Controls S.r.L.
Manufacturer of testing equipment for concrete, cement, aggregate, steel, asphalt, rock, and soil.
Category: lab-equipment

Beccaria Srl.
Manufacturer of various components for drymix mortar plants, also offering turnkey installation.
Category: turnkey-plant

Kimia S.p.A.
Manufacturer of glass fiber reinforcing mesh (Kimitech) for EIFS and render applications, also manufactures steel mesh for plaster reinforcement.
Category: application-tool

Lamberti spa
Distributes starch ethers as thickener for drymix mortars. (Esamid)
Category: starch-ether

Giovanni Bozzetto S.p.A.
Manufacturer of plasticizers based upon poly-naphthalene-sulphonates in liquid and powder form for the use in concrete and mortars (Flube).
Category: plasticizer

Vinavil S.p.A.
Producer of redispersible powders based on polyvinyl acetate and its copolymers.
Located in Italy.
Category: redispersible-powder

Chimica Edile S.r.l.
Producer or anti-shrinkage admixtures for mortars and concretes.
Category: expansive-additive

Lamberti spa
Producer of a wide range of guar ethers for use as thickening agent and water retention agent in dry mortars. (Esacol)
Category: guar-ether