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Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha (Denka Group)
Manufacturer of calcium sulpho aluminate cement (CSA).

Chimica Edile S.r.l.
Producer or anti-shrinkage admixtures for mortars and concretes.

Grimm Metallpulver GmbH
Manufacturer of metal-based (Aluminium), lamellar micro-plated materials used in renders and masonry mortars to create hydrogen gas bubbles to compensate shrinkage and prevent cracks.

Caltra Nederland BV
Manufacturer of calcium sulpho aluminate cements (CSA) for use as additive in shrinkage-compensated mortars and as accelerator (Calumex).
Located in The Netherlands.

Taiheiyo Materials Corp.
Manufactures expansive additives as concrete admixtures.

Mapei Suisse SA
Expanding agents (a) for shrinkage-compensated concrete, and (b) for shrinkage-free fluid slurries for injektion.

Tangshan Polar Bear Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of powdered calcium sulpho aluminate (CSA) clinker for use as expansive agent.