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Events in Sweden:

April 12 - 13, 2005
Hydrophobe IV, Stockholm, Sweden  (English, Swedish)
Fourth International Conference on Water Repellent Treatment of Building Materials. Main topics: New development of water repellent agents and anti-graffiti-agents; Technologies of application; Phenomenological studies on the impregnation process and on the treatment's effect on moisture and ion transport in the treated material; Durability aspects.
Publisher: Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute (CBI)
Category: past-event

Listings associated with Sweden:

Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB  (English)
Accelerating admixture for cementitious systems (especially shotcrete) based on thiocyanate.
Category: set-accelerator

Terraco AB
Supplier of machines and accessories for plasters, screeds, and other mortars.
Category: application-machinery

Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB
Liquid air-entraining admixtures for conctrete applications.
Category: air-entraining-agent

Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB
Phosphate based retarder for cement.
Category: set-retarder

Kerneos SA, Peramin Div.
Manufacturer of shrinkage reducing agents (Peramin SRA).
Category: shrinkage-reducer

Thermometric AB
Manufacturer of a heat-flow calorimeter for heat flow measurements at isothermal conditions.
Category: calorimeter

Carlfors Bruk AB
Aluminium powder for the lightweight concrete industry and aluminium paste for the paint and printing ink industry.
Category: gas-forming-agent

Mining various aggregates and rheological additives such as bentonite, marble dust, specified aggregates. Part of LKAB Group.
Category: rheological-additive

Termidor, Sweden
Distributor of chemicals and additives for the coatings and construction industries.
Category: distributors

Reologica Instruments AB
Producer of rheometers.
Located in Sweden.
Category: rheometer

Expancel (Akzo Nobel)
Producer of microspheres consisting of a polymer shell encapsulating a gas. When the gas inside the shell is heated (> 100°C), it increases its pressure and the thermoplastic shell softens, resulting in an increase in the volume. The product range includes both unexpanded (1000 g/L) and expanded microspheres (30g/L), as dry powder or slurry or paste (wet cake). Trade name: Expancel.
Category: microsphere

Lyckeby Stärkelsen AB
Producer of a starch ether for use as thickener in dry mortars (Lyckelit H3).
Category: starch-ether