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RCF Chemie + Faser GmbH
Distributor of a polyacrylamide in powder form for use as thickener in dry mortars.
Located in Germany.

CHT Group (fromer CHT Beitlich, Bezema)
Manufacturer of thinckeners based upon polyacrylamide (Agocel 2000).

CHT Group (fromer CHT Beitlich, Bezema)
Distributes a polyacrylamide-based thickener for mortars (Agocel S 2000).

Prochem AG
Distributes polyacryl amides as thickening agent for mortars to the Swiss market. (Glascol, produced by Ciba Specialty Chemicals)

BASF Construction Solutions GmbH
Polyacrylamides in powder form (tradename Starvis T) for modifying the rheology of drymix mortars.