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Otavi Minerals GmbH
Several Wollastonite grades.

Knauf Gips KG
Manufacturer of all types of gypsum materials, such as sheetrock boards, gypsum spackeling compounds and renders as well as sound and thermal insulation boards, flooring systems, application equipment and installation systems.

Lanxess (former Bayer Chemicals AG)
Producer of synthetic anhydrite which is a byproduct in the production line of hydrofluoric acid. Supplies binders for anhydrite-based screeds.

Harzer Gipswerke Robert Schimpf Söhne
Produces several grades of natural gypsum (dihydrate and hemihydrate) and natural anhydrite.

Bundesverband der Gips- und Gipsbauplattenindustrie e.V. (The Association of German Gypsum Industries)
Professional organisation of German producers of anhydrite-based and gypsum-based products.

BPB Formula GmbH
Producer of industrial plaster (hemihydrate calcium sulfate) and gypsum minerals for the production of models as well as decorative plasterwork and repairwork. Furthermore ground dihydrate and crushed anhydrite (0 to 60 mm).

Rethmann Lippewerk GmbH
Additives and binders based on calciumsulfate marketed under the trade name Raddibin. Precipitated ettringite for use as filler, named "Casul" (website currently out of order, we link to Remondis, the owne rof the trademark.

Caltra Nederland BV
Marketing organisation for beta- and alpha-hemihydrate, e.g. for use as moulding plasters.
Located in The Netherlands.