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Contek Inc.
Software for the concrete and asphalt industries (production and quality assurance).

Gradlab Gds (Gradation Database System)
Sieve analysis database for the testing and quality control of construction aggregates. For use in material testing laboratories.
Publisher: Hugh Lerwill Computer Software

Contact Digital Site Systems, Inc.
Software for the concrete industry (ready mixed concrete suppliers, construction firms, cement manufacturers, material producers, testing/R&D laboratories).

Jay Shilstone - Shilstone Companies
Software for concrete, aggregate and asphalt production and quality control.

COST (Concrete Optimization Software Tool)
Online tool for determination of optimal mixture proportions for concrete. It guides the optimization of concrete formulations based on the available raw materials and user-defined performance attributes. After selection of the factors to be optimized (e.g. costs, strength, slump) and the mixture parameters to be varied (e.g. w/c ratio, aggregate contents, admixture additions) the tool recommends a set of mixture formulations to be prepared and tested to achieve the most efficient identification of the optimum. The user then inputs the test results and the tool performs graphical and statistical analyses to determine the mixture formulations for optimum performance.
Publisher: National Institute of Standards and Technology