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Events in Norway:

June 13 - 15, 2007
Conference of the Nordic Rheologic Society 2007, Stavanger  (English)
Annual conference on rheological research and application development (n ot focussed upon drymix mortar but rather general).
Category: past-event

September 18 - 23, 2007
Bygg Reis Deg 2007, Lillestrom  (Norwegian)
Norway's largest construction materials exhibition.
Category: past-event

Listings associated with Norway:

Producer of lignosulfonates for the use as plasticizers in drymix mortars and other applications.
Category: plasticizer

Yara International ASA
Producer of a special grade of calcium nitrate for use in formulations of chloride-free set accelerating admixtures for concrete (Nitcal).
Category: set-accelerator

Fesil ASA
Producer of microsilica undensified, densified, and as a slurry with 50% water.
Category: microsilica

Elkem ASA
Producer of microsilica as dry powder and slurry (50% in water).
Category: microsilica