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Events in Russian Federation:

April 20 - 24, 2004
INTERSTROYEXPO  (English, Russian)
International building forum in Russia (St. Petersburg).
Category: past-event

February 16 - 21, 2005
Betonex, Moscow  (English, German, Russian)
Annual construction fair on cement and concrete as well as drymix products.
Category: past-event

April 5 - 8, 2005
MosBuild 2005, Moscow  (English)
International Construction Fair.
Category: past-event

May 23 - 27, 2005
Cottage 2005, Moscow  (English, Russian)
Building and construction fair, focus: residential construction (site no longer available, we link to expocentr, the venue).
Category: past-event

September 13 - 16, 2005
Baltic Building Week 2005, St. Petersburg  (English, Russian)
International Building Trade Fair, including general construction (Batimat), segments hardware, windows, heat&vent, interior decoration, ceramics&stone and sanitary. (link no longer active, we link to INterstry 2014 website)
Category: past-event

November 22 - 24, 2005
Expomix 2005, Moscow  (English, Russian)
Trade fair and conference with focus on drymix technology and concrete at the World Trade Center, Moscow.
Category: past-event

November 22 - 24, 2005
Mixbuild, Moscow  (English, Russian)
VII international conference on drymix mortars, including exhibition (website currently inactive).
Category: past-event

February 28 - March 4, 2006
Betonex, Moscow  (English, Russian)
Exhibition of cement, concrete and prefabricated concrete items
Category: past-event

June 5 - 9, 2006
Cottage 2006, Moscow
Annual building and construction fair, focus: residential and rural construction.
Category: past-event

November 21 - 23, 2006
Expomix Congress, Moscow  (English, Russian)
Congress on dry mix mortar building technology (we link to MixBuild 2017).
Category: past-event

February 6 - 9, 2007
StroiSib 2007, Nowosibirsk  (English, Russian)
Construction Materials and technologies fair.
Category: past-event

November 20 - 22, 2007
International Cement Forum, Expocem, Moscow  (English, Russian)
Conference featuring All-Russia Cement Stock Exchange, a specialty exhibition for cement manufacturers.
Category: past-event

April 1 - 5, 2008
Mosbuild 2008, Moscow  (English, Russian)
International exhibition of building materials, featuring special shows on building materials and equipment as well as on ceramic tiles (we link to Mosbuild website).
Category: past-event

August 16 - 18, 2016
Baltimix 2016, Kaliningrad  (Russian)
Annual meeting and conference of the Russian Drymix Mortar Industry, organized by Quintet Agency.
Category: past-event

Listings associated with Russian Federation:

Distributor of chemicals and additives for the coatings and drymix mortar industries.
Located in Russian Federation.
Category: distributors

Manufacturer of extruded polystyrene sheets for use in EIFS (tradename: Styrovit; website in russian).
Category: application-tool

Pashiya Metallurgical Cement Plant
Manufacturer of alumina cements.
Category: calcium-aluminate-cement