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1.4.2023 : 22:38 : +0200, SEADMA and MEDMA Conferences & Live Events Online, SEADMA and MEDMA Conferences are the only events worldwide entirely focussed upon drymix mortar technology, materials and equipment. The Drymix Mortar Yearbooks (currently available: issues from 2007 to date) and the MEDMA/SEADMA Technical Bulletins (currently available: issues from TB 02 to date) are being published and distributed during these events.

On the following pages, you will find all available informations about these conferences. We appreciate your interest and hope for your registration or sponsoring.

19. April 2023:  BAU München 2023 Casual Evening in Munich, Germany 

June 8+9, 2023: Opens internal link in current window7th American Drymix Mortar Conference and Scaling up 3D, in Richmond, VA., USA

7. August 2023: Opens internal link in current window7th Latin American Drymix Mortar Conference ladmmc seven, in Sao Paolo, Brazil

17. October 2023: Opens internal link in current window7th India Drymix Mortar Conference and Industry Showcase, in Mumbai, India

23. November 2023: SEADMA Annual Conference, in Jakarta, Indonesia


Please enquire with us concerning our upcoming events.

We are also publishing the Drymix Mortar Yearbook and SEADMA/MEDMA Technical Bulletins - almost all issues are backorderable through

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