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Wacker Chemie AG, Wacker Polymers  (English, German)
Producer of redispersible powders based on polyvinylacetate (Vinnapas). Manufactures various homopolymer, copolymer and terpolymer grades for applications throughout the construction sector.

Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals Elotex Division  (Chinese, English, German, Russian)
Manufacturer of redispersible powders based on copolymers and terpolymers of vinyl acetate and monomers like ethylene and vinyl versatate. Homopolymer powders are based on acrylate or vinyl acetate (Elotex, former Hoechst/Celanese tradenames Mowilith, Celvolit outside Europe).

Hexion (formerly Momentive)  (English)
Manufacturer of redispersible powders based on polyvinyl acetate (homopolymer, copolymer and terpolymer) as well as styrene-butadiene (copolymers) for dry mortars (tradename Axilat).

BASF SE, Construction Chemicals Div.  (English, German)
Manufacturer of various construction chemicals from redispersible powders based upon styrene acrylic (Acronal) to dispersions and additives.

Acquos, Melbourne, AUS  (English)
Manufacturer of acrylic redispersible polymers for the dry mortar industry (tradename Dehydro).

Puyang Yintai Industrial Trading Company Ltd.  (English)
Manufacturer of polyvinyl-acetate/Ethylene based redispersible powders, tradename Polyvae.

Organik Kimya Sanayi ve Tic. A.S.  (English, Turkish)
Manufacturer of polymer emulsions and redispersible powders.

The Dow Chemical Company
DLP (Dow Latex Powder) redispersible powders based on polyvinyl acetate (and copolymers and terpolymers).

Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients
Manufacturer of redispersible powders (tradename Aquapas)

Dinova Pvt. Ltd.
Supplier of redispersible powder in the Indian market (tradename Accopol)

Bosson Chemical
Manufacturer of acrylic based redispersible powders, also offering powders based upon Vinylacetate/Ethylene (Tradename Tiones).

Nippon Gohsei
Manufacturers of redispersible powders based upon acrylate polymers and copolymers (tradename Mowinyl from the former Hoechst Gosei production in Japan).

F.A.R. Fabbrica Adesivi Resine S.p.A.
Redispersible powders based on vinyl acetates (VAc), VAc-VeoVA copolymers (VeoVa is a vinyl ester of versatic acid), and VAc-VeoVA-Acrylate terpolymers. Trade name: Neolith P.

Dairen Chemical Corporation (DCC)
Manufacturer of vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer based redispersible powders.

Huzhou Mizuda Bioscience
Supplier or redispersible powders (tradename Mizupol)

Kuban Polymers Ltd./Terracol
Manufacturer of redispersible powders and other construction chemicals.

BCD Rohstoffe für Bauchemie HandelsGmbH, Klosterneuburg, Austria
Manufacturer of a redispersable polymer powder with a glass transition temperatur of -25°C (Vinagen).

Henan Tiangsheng
Manufacturer of redispersible powders based upon vinyl acetate ethylene copolymers (EVA).

Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH (NRC)
Distibutes the Dow Latex Powder (DLP) redispersible polymer powders to the German market.

Vinavil S.p.A.
Producer of redispersible powders based on polyvinyl acetate and its copolymers.
Located in Italy.

Synthomer Ltd.
Producer of polymer dispersions for the use in construction chemistry, also producer of RDP.

Yil-Long Chemical Group Ltd., Redipol Div.
Manufacturing and marketing organisation for homopolymer VAC and VAC/VeoVa redispersible powders Redipol of chinese origin.