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Asia Summit on the industrial Manufacturing and Application of Drymix Mortars

Mumbai, India, 24 March 2015 (The Lalit Hotel)

Conference Information

Preliminary programme: Initiates file downloadPlease click here to download the up to date conference information.

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Conference Description, The International Community for Drymix Mortars invited industrial and academic professionals to propose abstracts for lectures to be presented at the upcoming Asia Summit on Industrial Manufacturing and Application of Drymix Mortars. Dr. Sumon Chakravarty (formerly Ultratech Cement) has agreed to act as the Technical Chairman of this important industry summit. We expected researchers, state officials, machinery and automation experts, formulation and raw material suppliers as well as the drymix mortar community itself to the event. The Aisa Summit was separated into two sessions: a) Industrial Manufacturing of Aggregates and Mortars and b) Formulations and Practical Advice on the Mechanical Application of drymix mortars (led by Knauf pft).



Sponsoring/Industry Showcase



Frigmaires Engineers

The Construction Chemicals Manufacturers Association of India CCMAI

International Combustion (India) Ltd 

Knauf PFT

Lödige (Bectochem)


Meher Velsycon


Siam Modified


Ultratech Cement



Organized by: 

Micro-Conference Pte. Ltd., 80 South Bridge Road, Singapore, 058710

(Contact Person: Ferdinand Leopolder,

Phone +49 89 6200 0232, Fax to +49 89 6200 9911



Subject to change without notice