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2023 Annual MEDMA Conference, 06. February 2023 in Dubai, UAE


Monday, 06. February 2023,  est. time 09:00 - 17:00, Location TBD, Dubai, UAE

The preliminary program will be published here.


Conference description

The Annual MEDMA Drymix Mortar Conference takes place in Dubai on 06. February 2023.

We will welcome Drymix Mortar experts from countries of and around the Near and Middle East and beyond to this important opportunity for our industry.

The fullday Conference and Industry Showcase lbrings together the  community of drymix mortar experts. The event features presentations by national and international experts as well as an Industry Showcase section for the information of the delegates. Conference Laguage is English.

The comprehensive program will be focused on lectures on recent developments in the drymix mortar industry. We expect manufacturers and raw material suppliers from both the drymix mortar and cement industry, as well as architects, constructors, developers and consultants.

Call for Papers

A Call for Papers is available at, it expires on 30. September 2022, we do encourage also drymix mortar manufacturers and institutional scientists to report about their recent developments.


Regular Admission:  390 €

Admission for members: 290 €

Admission for Mortar Manufacturers: 190 €

Sponsoring/Industry Showcase (subject to change)

A warm Thank You to our sponsors & presenters who have already comitted their support & Lectures - the preliminary program will be published, as soon as the Chairmen have made their decisions.

Various options of sponsoring for members and partners of exist - a list of options is available upon request.

Organized by:

Micro-Conference Pte. Ltd., 80 South Bridge Road, Singapore, 058710

Phone +49 89 6200 0232, Fax to +49 89 6200 9911


Subject to change without notice