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drymix.info Newsletter 265/2022; ISSN Number 1613-0111; 17. February 2022

1. 6th MORTAR CONVENTION, 22. to 25. March 2022: Preliminary Program
2. Concrete Testing Compact - Cement, Aggregate, Mortar and Concrete Testing (sponsored content by Testing Bluhm & Feuerherdt)
3. In-person Events 2022/23: Mexico City, Istanbul, São Paulo, Nürnberg and Richmond
4. Kiilto Joins drymix.info as Member
5. Sopro Enlarges Plant at Wiesbaden Site, Announces Price Increase
6. Sika Expands in Africa

1. The 6th MORTAR CONVENTION, 22. to 25. March 2022: Preliminary Program

The 6th MORTAR CONVENTION is held as a truly global Live Event Online from 22. to 25. March 2022. Regionalized programs will be screened on Tuesday, 22.3.22 (for Australia/New Zealand), Wednesday, 23.3.22 (for Eastern Asia and South East Asia SEA), Thursday, 24.3.22 (for India, Middle East, Africa and Europe) and on Friday, March 25th 2022 (for The Americas). The compact new format will feature scientific lectures, product presentations, company videos as well as many live interviews with industry peers. All sessions/days will be moderated by Ferdinand Leopolder.

Here is a preliminary glimpse at out wonderful program for 6th MORTAR CONVENTION (in alphabetical order; subject to change and additions without notice):
Actemium, France, Guillaume Lafay: How your Mixing Plant Design and Upgrades Can Help you Retain your Employees (all days)
Almatis, Germany, Doris van Garsel: White Calcium Aluminate Cement for Drymix Mortars – Properties and Testing (all days)
Ardex Australia, David Hood: Moisture Testing of Concrete, Cause and Effect of Problems with Flooring Systems, and Ways to Measure the Risk of the Problem  (all days)
Ardex Australia, Charles Smith: Drymix: Change, Challenges, and the Path Forward (Tue)
Bischof + Klein, Germany, Patrick Börger: Plastic Packaging for Dry Mixtures - a Global Solution? (all days)
Blackburn Chemicals, Great Britain, Edward Rushworth: The Development of Low Carbon-Footprint Additives for Drymix Applications (all days)
Caltra, The Netherlands, Ludo van Nes Blessing: Amorphous Calcium Aluminate Cement - Highly Reactive C12A7 Aluminum Cement (all days)
Celanese/Elotex, Switzerland, Jörg Lang: topic tbd. (all days)
Diamond Paints, Jamaica, York Seaton: (WT) Drymix Mortars for Jamaica (Fri)
Haver&Boecker, Germany, topic and lecturer tbd. (all days)
Imerys, France, topic and lecturer tbd. (all days)
Intaco, Costa Rica, Walter Arias: (WT) Introduction to Intaco (Fri)
NFLG, China, Cathy Liao: (WT) Eco-friendly and Smart Operation of Drymix Mortar Plant Technology
Omya, Switzerland, David Gonzalez-Amago: Benefits and Savings of Using Lightweight Fillers / Microspheres in Drymix Mortars (all days)     
Gripset/RLA Polymers, Australia, Pasqui d'Aloia: (WT) Cementitious Waterproofing Membranes (Tue)
SAS Australia, Waseef Zubairi: Performance Tile Grout Market in Australia (Tue)
Schleibinger Geräte, Germany, Dr. Helena Keller: Shrinkage and Shrinkage Measurement Techniques (all days)
Shandong Shengchuan, China, Dr. Li Bin: The Properties and Analysis of White Calcium Aluminate Based Binary Binder System in Drymix Mortars (all days)
Testing Bluhm & Feuerherdt, Germany, Hans-Heinrich Reuter: (WT) What is New in Mortar Testing? (all days)
Ultratest, Germany, Hajo Büssenschütt: (WT) New Approaches to Serial Ultrasonic Testing of Mortar Specimens (all days)
Wacker Chemie, Germany, Gustavo Soares: Dispersible Polymer Powders Based on Renewable Raw Materials by the Biomass Balance Approach (Tue, Wed, Fri)
Wacker Chemie, United Arab Emirates, Mohammed Sanaobar: The Importance of Product Standardization & Formulation Design in Preventing Tiling Failures (Thu)

Confirmed Live Interviews during 6th MORTAR CONVENTION with drymix mortar experts come from (sorted East to West): Australia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Mongolia, India, Mauritius, UAE, Turkey, Russia, South Africa, Latvia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Great Britain, Brasil, USA, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico and we are sure many more.

Registration is available on www.drymix.info, admission (this is a four-day-pass!) to the 6th MORTAR CONVENTION is 120 Euro, reduced for drymix.info, SEADMA and MEDMA partners to 80 Euro. Drymix Mortar Manufacturers pay only 40 Euro (Attention sponsors: there are attractive invitation options available to invite your clients!).

Sponsored content by Testing Bluhm & Feuerherdt

Concrete Testing Compact - Cement, Aggregate, Mortar and Concrete Testing

Concrete Testing Compact (ISBN 978-3-7640-0625-9, Verlag Bau + Technik) features the 33 most important European tests for cement, aggregate, mortar and concrete. The authors are Dipl.-Ing. Uwe P. Zimmer and Hans-Heinrich Reuter (Testing Bluhm & Feuerherdt). On 183 pages, Concrete Testing Compact lists and illustrates (over 350 images and schematic drawings) the most important test methods. In addition, it explains relevant technologies in comparison with the ASTM system.

End of sponsored content

3. In-person Events 2022/23: Mexico City, Istanbul, São Paulo, Nürnberg and Richmond

Live Events Online are fun, nice to have, but in-person events are the real thing in our opinion. While Toronto in April seemed to risky for our small community, we are currently preparing for the following events (all Calls for Papers are available at drymix.info):
21. June 2022: 4th Central American Drymix Mortar Meeting, Mexico City
15. September 2022: 7th Central and South European Drymix Mortar Conference cedmmc7 in Istanbul, Turkey
20. October 2022: Latin American Drymix Mortar Conference ladmmc7 in  São Paulo, Brasil
27. March 2023: 9th International Drymix Mortar Conference idmmc9 in Nürnberg, Germany
June 8, 2023: admmc7, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Needless to say that the early commitment for scientific content and sponsoring support would make us much easier for us to prepare those important occasions of truly personal networking. We hope for your support!

4. Kiilto Joins drymix.info as Member

Kiilto Oy, Tampere, Finland, has recently joined the drymix.info, The International Community for Drymix Mortars as Manufacturing Member. Kiilto was founded in 1919 and is a family owned company since (by Kiilto Family Oy). The company has subsidiaries in 11 countries. Apart from industrial adhesives, fireproofing compounds and professional hygiene products, Kiilto develops, produces and markets a full portfolio of construction adhesives and auxiliary products. In drymix mortars, Kiilto has a focus on self-leveling flooring systems, but also produces renders and specialty tile adhesives.

We warmly welcome Kiilto to our community.

5. Sopro Enlarges Plant at Wiesbaden Site, Announces Price Increase

Sopro of Wiesbaden, Germany recently announced the installation of a new mixing line at their plant in Wiesbaden. This will increase the plant's production capacity by 70.000 tons p.a. within 2022. Sopro also announced the construction of a new laboratory for Research, Development and Application Technology in combination with a customer training center starting in Summer 2022. Sopro also announced a price increase in March 2022, another increase might be necessary in August. The company cites the continuing shortage of raw materials for this measure. Sopro reached a turnover of more than 270 mio Euro in 2021, an increase of more than 8 percent over 2020.

6. Sika Expands in Africa

Sika of Baar, Switzerland, enlarges its production in Tanzania and on the Ivory Coast. In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Sika moved into a new site to locally produce mortar in addition to concrete admixtures. In Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Sika doubled the size of their site and built laboratories, warehousing facilities and also additional manufacturing units, aiming to double their production of tile adhesives and repair mortar. The plant in Abidjan will also deliver drymix mortars and other products to the neighboring countries Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Mali and Sierra Leone. According to Sika the construction industry in Tanzania will grow by 10% per annum, in Ivory Coast by 6%.


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