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6MC Post event viewing section accessible now!

As after our earlier MORTAR CONVENTIONS, we have established a post-event viewing section for registered delegates to 6th MORTAR CONVENTION: 

6th MORTAR CONVENTION Post viewing section

In the post viewing section you can see most of the presentations, and for the first time, we have also edited many of the live interviews we conducted during the event. 






6th Mortar(6MC) Preliminary Program & Delegate Info for download:

6th MORTAR CONVENTION Program (all 4 days) here

The 6th Mortar Convention is held as Live Event Online on four days, in four different regions of the world.

For raw material and equipment suppliers as well as distributors, this is an excellent chance to get in touch with their customers and present their companies.

We offer a compact (shorter) program with presentation time is limited to 9 minutes , Region specific content with live interviews with industry peers on topics relevant for each specific region, efficient Networking Sessions (less breaks) and a large Industry Showcase. Sponsors and lecturers are still welcome; please enquire with us for sponsoring packages

Call for Papers:

A Call for Papers is available at, it expires on 23. February 2022, we do encourage also drymix mortar manufacturers and institutional scientists to report about their recent developments.

International Timetable:

ANZPAC Day : Tuesday 22. March 2022, 13:00 Sydney Time : Australia/New Zealand & Oceania

East Asia and SEA Day : Wednesday 23. March 2022, 13:00 Singapore Time: Japan, Korea, China and SEA

India and EMEA Day : Thursday, 24.3.2022, 13:00 Dubai Time:  India, Middle East, Africa and Europe

North-, Central- and South America Day : Friday, 25. March.2022, 10:00 am New York Time, 11:00 am São Paulo Time

Admission to Live Online Event for all four days:

Regular Admission:120 €

Admission for members:80 €

Admission for Mortar Manufacturers:40 €

Registration online :

Get your Online Ticket in our shop using your Visa- or Mastercard; please use the email address you will be using for participation!

Subject to change without notice

Organized by:

Micro-Conference Pte. Ltd., 80 South Bridge Road, Singapore, 058710

Phone +49 89 6200 0232, Fax to +49 89 6200 9911


Subject to change without notice