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7th Amercian Drymix Mortar Conference, admmc7/ScalingUp3D, Richmond June8 and Newport News, June 9 2023 March 2023 - Photo Gallery

admmc7 - Byrd Theatre Billboard

admmc7 - The Byrd Theatre

admmc7 - Byrd Foyer

admmc7 - Byrd Auditorium

admmc7 - Welcome to the Show

admmc7 - Byrd Entrance

admmc7 - Theatre Organ

admmc7 - Ferdinand Leopolder,

admmc7 - An organ piece on the Original Wurlitzer Organ

admmc7 - Dr. Charles Alt, Imerys

admmc7 - Galyna Buz, Poraver

admmc7 - Dr. Florian Hartmann, Calucem

admmc7 - Doug Overby, Bischof + Klein

admmc7 - Dr. Abdul Peerzada, Quikrete

admmc7 - Lunch Break

admmc7 - Mobile Sliders Foodtruck

admmc7 - Edward Rushworth, Blackburn

admmc7 - Hans-Heinrich Reuter, Testing

admmc7 - Jean-Yves Petit, Organik Kimya

admmc7 - Guillaume Lafay, Actemium

admmc7 - Ludo van Nes Blessing, Caltra

admmc7 - Haider Akram, Nouryon

admmc7 - James Martin, Elotex/Celanese

admmc7 - Kevin Smith/MAPEI and Peter Coopermann/Black Buffalo 3D

admmc7 - Dinner at Triple Crossing Brewery

admmc7 - Pizza Buffet at Triple Crossing Brewery

admmc7 - Triple Crossing Brewery

ScalingUp3D - Martin Gutmann, Baumit

ScalingUp3D - Peter Coopermann, Black Buffalo 3D

ScalingUp3D - Kevin Smith, MAPEI

ScalingUp3D - Gervin Groinigg, MAI

ScalingUp3D - Lunch Break

ScalingUp3D - 3D-Printed Homes in Newport News

ScalingUp3D - Visit of 3D-Printed Homes

ScalingUp3D - Greg Perry, Habitat for Humanity

ScalingUp3D - Kevin Smith, MAPEI

ScalingUp3D - Peter Cooperman, Black Buffalo 3D

ScalingUp3D - Constuction Site

ScalingUp3D - 3D-Printed Homes interior

ScalingUp3D - Mortar-Printed wall close-up

ScalingUp3D - Donation to Habitat for Humanity

admmc7 - Pre-conference evening hat Havana Bar

admmc7 - Hazy Richmond

admmc7 - James River Richmond

admmc7 - Beatiful Byrd Theatre

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We thank our supporters Actemium, Aero Aggregates, Almatis, Baumit, Bischof + Klein, Black Buffalo 3D,  Blackburn, Caltra, Calucem, Elotex/Celanese, Habitat for Humanity, Haver Filling Systems, Imerys, Laticrete, MAI, Maleki, Nouryon, Omya, Organik Kimya, Poraver, Quikrete, SGGC, Testing, Wacker Chemie.


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