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drymix.info Newsletter 251/2021; ISSN Number 1613-0111; 06. APRIL 2021

1. Abstract from the Drymix Mortar Yearbook 2021: Dow
2. 5th MORTAR CONVENTION, 27. to 29. April 2021: Already over 170 Delegates
3. Sievert Builds Second Drymix Mortar Plant in Mamming, Germany
4. Master Builders Solutions Price Increase in Europe
5. IMF GDP Growth Predictions - how Relevant is this for the Developing Building Materials Markets? A Commentary by Ferdinand Leopolder

1. Abstract from the Drymix Mortar Yearbook 2021: Dow

The Drymix Mortar Yearbook 2021 contains contributions by (in alphabetical order) Agrana, Avebe, Calucem, Celanese, Celotech, CFF, Dow, drymix.info, Evonik, Imerys, LPM AG, Mapei, Meissner Bolte Rechtsanwälte, Organik Kimya, Polyplast, Sicit/PlastRetard, Technische Universität München (TUM), Wacker Chemie.

M. Perello, S. Menz | Dow Europe | Horgen, Switzerland, Bomlitz, Germany
The Impact of MC and RDP on a Mortar’s Microstructure

This paper shares characterization techniques and application testing related to controlling the microstructure of cementitious mortars to meet performance targets in cement-based tile adhesive (CBTA) applications, by choosing the optimum combinations of Cellulose Ether (CE) and Redispersible Powder (RDP).

A first aim of the study was to understand how CE and RDP impact the microstructures of the cementitious system: identifying where the polymer particles are located or how the polymer films are formed. Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry (MIP) was used to identify the impact that differences in CE and RDP polymers make in the pore volume size and distribution along the mortar microstructure and the influence of such a distribution and pore size on the final mortar performance.

A design of experiment (DOE) study was carried out using polymer latexes of different chemistries and stabilization in a CBTA formulation. Statistical analysis using JMP software was utilized to correlate the amount and type of pores versus the wet and dry CBTA properties. DOE results showed the higher the amount of gel pores translated to better adhesion after water immersion. A further detailed study of time-dependent latex film formation may provide explanation to the synergies between film formation and the interaction of CE and RDP in the formulation.

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2. 5th MORTAR CONVENTION, 27. to 29. April 2021: Already over 170 Delegates

The 5th MORTAR CONVENTION takes place as Live Event Online from 27. to 29. April 2021. The convention is the only place for the drymix mortar community to meet and exchange ideas. It features 16 lectures and product presentations, 2 expert panels (one on sustainability, one on 3D Mortar Printing), an exclusive technical exchange with/by icon (on 3D Mortar Printing) as well as over 30 company displays in our Industry Showcase. As of today, already well over 170 delegates have registered from The Philippines, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, India, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Russia, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Latvia, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Brasil and Argentina.

The program will be screened 3 times in 3 time zones - all three screenings are being moderated live by Leo and his team at drymix.info's Munich “Studios”.

Join now (and tell your friends to come, too)!

The admission, valid for all three days, is 120 Euro per person, reduced for drymix.info, MEDMA and SEADMA partners to 80 Euro. Drymix mortar manufacturers pay only 40 Euro. Attendance to the 5th MORTAR CONVENTION is limited to 500 delegates. Please support your drymix mortar community by registering yourself at www.drymix.info using your credit card (Visa or Master accepted). Individual invoicing for bank-to-bank transfer is not encouraged, sorry.

NEW: Free access for all drymix mortar producers from Africa - see item 5 below (maximum 2 per company).


3. Sievert Builds Second Drymix Mortar Plant in Mamming, Germany

Sievert AG of Osnabrück, in cooperation with Karl Mossandl GmbH, Mamming, both Germany, has announced the construction of a new fully automated drymix mortar plant in Mamming-Rosenau, Lower Bavaria. The companies laid the cornerstone for their Rosenau II plant this month on a 14.000 sq m area next to the existing Sievert plant. A hall with 6.500 sq.m. of storage and production areas is towered by the 45 m high mixing drymix mortar plant, also 3.500 sq.m. of exterior storage areas as well as a hub for digitally controlled bulk silos (iSilos) will be installed at the Rosenau location. The plant’s nameplate capacity is 100.000 t/a. The new unit will produce drymix mortars from Sievert’s portfolio (tradenames Quick-Mix, Akurit, Tubag and Strasser) and is expected to come on-stream in Spring 2022. The investment of around 10 mio Euro also includes ground preparation and logistics installations. Sievert and Mossandl are cooperating since 1980, Mossandl is running an aggregate mining operation in Rosenau.

4. Master Builders Solutions Price Increase in Europe

MBCC Group, Mannheim, Germany has announced a price increase for its product range under the Master Builders Solution brand. An increase amounting to 5 - 17% on average becomes effective immediately. MBCC gives a shortage of key raw materials and intermediates (and thus strong price increases) as well as bottlenecks with sea containers and pallets as reason for this measure. Both effects are being augmented by the economic post-Covid-19 restart (see item 5 below).

5. IMF GDP Growth Predictions - how Relevant is this for the Developing Building Materials Markets? A Commentary by Ferdinand Leopolder

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington D.C., USA has recently published its forecast for 2021 and 2022. This document already includes the huge government subsidies in the US, put in effect by the Biden administration. According to the IMF, the Global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) decreased by -3,3 % in 2020, but it will increase already by +6% in 2021 and by +4,4% in 2022. Of course this predicted growth in the next years is not homogeneous all around the globe (the IMF calls this growth “divergent”): China has suffered the least under the pandemic (-1,5%) and thus will make a strong recovery, and the US (-3,5% in 2020) will profit from Biden's subsidies. All other regions and Nations in the world will need more than 2 years to reach 2019's level.

For the developing countries the impact of CoVid is extremely negative - especially those countries need high growth rates to fight poverty. The gap between the G20+ Nations will increase dramatically. Nations with a strong touristic markets are also heavily hit, according to reports, for example, the GDP of the Maldives decreased by 35% in 2020. It can be assumed that Jamaica, Fiji, Egypt, Turkey and Thailand are suffering over-proportionally, too.

During the last year, we reported astonishingly stable markets for construction materials (exception: USA) and even an increase for some markets in Europe (Germany, Austria). On one hand, overdue projects from 2018 and 2019 were finished, on the other hand financial aid programs spurred growth. Also, later in the crisis, the repair and renovation activities picked up due to the various lockdowns and to the CoVid-related legislation worldwide.

This situation can not be expected in areas, where modern drymix mortar technology is in the introduction phase: most areas in South and Central America, as well as the entire African Continent and the Indian Subcontinent. In those areas, the impact of the pandemic is much more intense than elsewhere. Unfortunately, this is where our technology is needed most - and we expect the future growth rates there.

It is the task of our industry to continue the technology exchange and transfer with the same intensity as before. This is why we at drymix.info have decided to grant drymix mortar manufactures from Africa free access to our 5th MORTAR CONVENTION (27. to 29. April 2021, max 2 delegates per company). Distributors are encouraged to invite their clients immediately.


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