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4th Central American Drymix Mortar Meeting, Mexico City

Ruins at Teotihuacan

4th Central American Drymix Mortar Meeting POSTPONED for one year to 12. July 2021

4ta Conferencia Centroamericana de Morteros Secos POSPONIDA por un año a 12. Julio 2021


In order to prevent further spreading of the Sars Covid-2 pandemic, the Mexican Government has recently issued regulations restricting individual travel and conduct, resembling a partial curfew . At this point in time, given the dynamic situation all around the globe, we must again change our schedule: together with our supporters in Mexico, Meliza, Macarena and Carlos and with advice from our supporters Wacker Chemie, JRS Mexicana, Cemix and Crest, we have decided to move our meeting to Monday, July 12, 2021.

This date has the advantage that the Latin American Coatings Show starts the next day and thus our delegates can profit from yet another industry attraction in Mexico City.

We will keep the admission rates for this particular event identical with those in 2020, registrations already completed and paid for will be carried over to the meeting in 2021. If you can or will not attend in 2021, we can also credit your paid admission back at the posted conditions (90% refund, please let us know).

Meliza Benitez and her husband Charly assist us with questions that may arise in Mexico and Central America. You can contact them at


Para evitar una mayor propagación de la pandemia Sars Covid-2, el gobierno mexicano ha emitido recientemente regulaciones que restringen los viajes y la conducta individual, que se asemeja a un toque de queda parcial. En este momento, dada la dinámica situación en todo el mundo, debemos cambiar nuevamente nuestro horario: junto con nuestros seguidores en México, Meliza, Macarena y Carlos y con el asesoramiento de nuestros seguidores Wacker Chemie, JRS Mexicana, Cemix y Crest, Hemos decidido trasladar nuestra Conferencia al lunes 12 de julio de 2021.

Esta fecha tiene la ventaja de que el Latin American Coatings Show comienza al día siguiente y, por lo tanto, nuestros delegados pueden beneficiarse de otra atracción de la industria en la Ciudad de México.

Meliza Benitez y su esposo Charly nos ayudan con las preguntas que puedan surgir en México y América Central. Puede contactarlos en


Admission: 390 €

Members of 290 €

Mortar Manufacturers*: 190 €

Admission includes access to all lectures, the Industry Showcase, the coffee breaks and the business lunch. Also included: list of delegates, conference materials. Accommodation, parking and transport to and from conference are not included. Paid admissions are non-refundable unless the conference is being cancelled for whatever reason. In this case, 90% will be refunded.

* Admission applies only to Mortar Manufacturers, explicitly not for distributors of raw materials, raw material suppliers or sponsors own staff.

Event Description is uniting the drymix mortar industry by staging mortar meetings all around the globe. The meeting features competent lectures by the mortar industry, an Industry showcase and provides ample communication time for Delegates from Mexico, Central America, Northern South America and the Carribbean. The Central American Drymix Mortar Meeting is THE Place for the Global Drymix Mortar Community to re- unite and network.

More information
Please send an E- Mail to info(at) in case of questions

Sponsoring/Industry Showcase

Various options of sponsoring for members and partners of exist - a list of options is available upon request.

Organized by:

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