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Russian Mortar Days 2016, 27. January 2016 at MCU, Moscow

Moscow State Civil Engineering University MGSU (MCU)

Yaroslavskoye Chaussée, 26, Moscow, Russia

A cooperation of MCU with SPSSS, RGA and

Nearest Hotel: Hotel Cosmos



The Russian Mortar Days 2016 were a cooperation of The Russian Federation

for Factory Made Mortars SPSSS with Moscow Oblast Civil Engineering University MGSU (MCU) with (supporting the event internationally). They took place as in the past years at MCU. The Russian Mortar Days were the only scientific conference on drymix mortars in the region and unite scholars from all across the Nation with drymix mortar experts and the raw material supplying industry. Initiates file downloadThe lecturing programme (please click here) has been completed by Technical Chairman Prof. Dr. Andrey Pustovgar (MCU).
Attention supporters: since this is not an event organized singly by, a different price list applies, please enquire with us.

Sponsors and Contributors

Akzo Nobel Chemicals AG

Association ANFAS

Building Information Agency


FHNW Switzerland

Institute of Building materials and technologies 


Laboratory CCRB 

NP "Environmental Union"

Research Institute of Building materials and technologies MGSU

Research Company "GS-Expert"

Tambov State Technical

University TGTU

Wacker Chemie